Fans Compare Kendall Jenner's Jimmy Choo Campaign to a Bad 'ANTM' Photoshoot

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Kendall Jenner’s new Spring 2023 campaign with Jimmy Choo dropped on Wednesday and let’s just say, fans are not impressed.

Someone posted the images to Reddit and users were quick to compare the photoshoot to those on America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks’ model competition show, which ran from 2003-2018.

Kendall’s campaign features the reality star next to a rooftop pool sporting the brand’s latest shoe and bag collection, including their new denim monogram pumps and white pearl-strap mini bag.


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Fans were pretty much critical of everything from the shoot’s location to the styling. Some of the comments included:

“It’s giving Nigel Barker.”

“Rooftop photoshoots will just always remind me of America’s Next Top Model.”

“First photoshoot challenge vibes.”

“I feel like I’m at panel reviewing photos for the week.”

“This is so ANTM pre-2010”

“Most America’s Next Top Model photos are better”

“Which season of Top Model was this?”

Many were also unimpressed with Kendall’s modeling skills, which they found to be sub-par (to put it nicely). Fans were quick to say that her face was “giving nothing” and that her poses were too boring and commercial.

Comments on the brand’s official Instagram account weren’t much better with some of the folks comparing the campaign to mall pics taken at J.C. Penny.


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This is actually Kendall’s second campaign with Jimmy Choo. She previously starred in the brand’s Fall 2022 campaign, which was also a part of its “Time to Dare Series” and featured a similar aesthetic.

Both campaigns were photographed by Carliyn Jacobs and styled by Katie Burnett. The shoot was overseen by Jimmy Choo Creative Director Sandra Choi.


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