Something to add to your feminist collection.

This just in: feminist condoms are officially a thing. Yeah, we’re pretty psyched about. Startup Lovability is all about helping women to feel comfortable buying and having condoms so they can be prepared for anything.

Speaking with Unbound, founder Tiffany Gaines explained,

“Condoms are often an even more traumatic purchase for women than tampons, and this reality often inhibits us from being prepared with them. I realized that there was a way to redesign how women related to condoms, so that they would feel more comfortable acquiring, carrying, and providing them. I saw that as an opportunity and took the initiative to start Lovability Condoms.”

The condoms boast to be all-natural and vegan and come in fun tins. Options include tins with sayings like “Talk Feminist to Me,” “Babe with the Power,” and “I Want it All.” The brand also sells Fuckboy Repellent which contains gold glitter as well as “the tears of your ex.” So cute!

Tiffany told PopSugar,

“Our mission is for women to get what they want in life, and repel what they don’t.”

We think we’re in love.


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Photo: Lovability / Instagram

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