Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui: What *Really* Motivated Me to Come Out

Between her piece for Billboard a few months ago and her new LGBTQ love song “Strangers” with Halsey, Fifth Harmony singer Lauren Jauregui is becoming a leader in the bisexual community.

And now, Jauregui has penned a letter for Pride Month in which she recalls her coming of age as a bisexual advocate. She writes,

“The Trump Campaign was really my breaking point as a bisexual Cuban female artist. I incorporated those four particular adjectives because they were all parts of me that I felt were being stripped away, questioned, threatened, and even invalidated by the continuous slew of ignorant conversation that his administration has been allowed to push.”

She calls out his “obvious misogyny, homophobia, his dismissal of the arts, and his incessant ideology pushing of minority communities as terrorists, rapists, and criminals” as the motives for her vocalness on the subject.

She adds,

“It made me wonder if people really felt this way; and when he won, it truly broke my heart.”

But the current political climate has motivated her to step up and do something about it. She’s determined to “fix this mess” any way she can.

In the end, she’s hopeful for the future, despite who won the election. She said,

“I am even more grateful to live in a generation where there seems to truly be an awakening to the understanding of love and how much it can heal us all, especially in the youth. I know I’ve helped my fans in my own way to come to terms with themselves, love themselves and each other and that’s truly where this whole healing process starts for me.”

We sincerely hope that’s true, Lauren.

Lena Finkel
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