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In case you forgot, or have simply ignored the Facebook RSVPs clogging up your timeline, tomorrow (April 4) is Free Cone Day (!!!!).

That means you can get a free scoop of Ben & Jerry’s at your local Scoop Shop. Honestly, work and school should be canceled.

Besides delicious and free ice cream, there is a multitude of other reasons to love Free Cone Day, and B&J explained exactly what those are.

1. It could actually make you happier!

Getting something for free can give you a little burst of joy, and free ice cream even takes it one step further. The company states that the reward center of your brain lights up when you make a good decision, “and scientists have proven that it lights up with just one bite of ice cream! If you choose a flavor with chocolate, even better—because cacao beans contribute to the body’s production of endorphins.” We’re sold.

2. You’ll bond with your BFF.

In a time when smartphone-mediated conversations dominate, it’s not often we don’t spend as much face-to-face time with our friends. Grab a friend and go together, make an outing of it. Maybe this time doesn’t #DoItForTheInsta , do it because it’s fun! Ben & Jerry’s might be the most iconic duo, but you and your pal will come in second place. We just voted on it.

3. You’ll be supporting a company that supports good causes.

We ❤️ companies that support good causes and businesses. Ben & Jerry’s is a front-runner in this. Granted this time you might be getting your ice cream for free, but you’ll be supporting a business that supports marriage equality, climate justice, humane animal treatment, local businesses, and job support for low-income families. (i.e. some of the most vulnerable causes right now).

Enjoy Free Cone Day!

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