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Laundry detergent for men is now officially a thing. And before you get all up in arms about gendered detergent, let us explain. Or better yet, let the co-founder of the brand Frey explain how his new detergent is aimed at breaking down gender stereotypes.

Frey for men is the latest thing in detergent. It’s clearly being marketed to heterosexual men with it’s black sleek design and American flag Instagram pics — think “Uberweiss” in that Friends episode in season one where Ross takes Rachel to do laundry for the the first time.

So why do men need their own laundry detergent in the first place? According to the brand’s co-founder Erin Frey seemingly innocuous brands like Tide are in fact already targeted to women, and it’s time to even the score. Erin explained to Mic,

“No, there may not be many detergents out there that are explicitly marketed as ‘for women,’ but that does not mean that many, for example the Laundress, are made essentially for women. But when the overwhelming majority of advertisements, scent names, colors, images, etc. are clearly tailored to women, the industry feels gendered.”

source: Instagram

So that’s where Frey comes in. As a brand aimed at men, Frey attempts to de-gender laundry by actively gendering it’s product. Confused? Let Frey Erin give you the 411.

“We think that by creating a detergent tailored to men, we can begin to breakdown this stereotype that it should be the primary responsibility of women, and break the cycle.

We are all in this together, and all deserve to be treated equally. So why should women still be more often expected than men to do laundry, even if not explicitly stated? Sometimes the unstated stereotypes and expectations are the ones most ingrained in society.

By creating a laundry detergent specifically for men, we are making a statement, not that men should use a laundry detergent because it will get them laid, but that men can, and should be doing laundry.”

Still feeling skeptical? We understand. And we can’t say we’re completely on board either. But we like that Frey is trying to solve the problem of gendered household chores. Bonus points for having your heart in the right place, Frey!

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