Gal Gadot on her ‘SNL’ Debut: “My Fear is to Speak like a Dummy”

gal gadot snl debut
Source: Instagram

Based on her performance in Wonder Woman, it seems like Gal Gadot can do pretty much anything.

But the actress is a bit nervous about her upcoming gig: hosting Saturday Night Live.

Gadot spoke with Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Meher Tatna at an event called Gal Gadot & Meher Tatna In Conversation with Carla Sosenko panel held at 92nd Street Y on Sunday in New York City. At the panel, the actress was asked about her upcoming SNL debut and if she was nervous. The actress expressed,

“Meher and I were talking behind stage about how nervous we are doing this. It’s gonna be crazy. I love this show…That’s my fear — to speak like a dummy.”

Gal explained that she is nervous about her Israeli accent getting in the way of her performance.

She went on to explain that she has some improv experience but not quite like SNL. She stated,

“Improv, yeah I did, but never in America on Saturday night. I can barely say ‘Saturday Night Live.’ I’m thinking about the monologue and I’m like, ‘Ahh.’ Say ‘Saturday Night Live.’ But I am excited.”

We already know Gal is gonna kill it on SNL. She is such a talented and well-spoken actress…and is multilingual!! I see that as a definite bonus. How many of us could host SNL, let alone not in our native language?

She will be on this Saturday, October 7 with musical guest Sam Smith.

Allie Bush
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