Maisie Williams Designed a Bag Collection Made of Vegan Apple Leather — And it's Awesome

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Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has always had a passion for protecting the environment. So her latest collab with Coperni should come as no surprise.

Maisie teamed up with the designer brand to reimagine a sustainable version of their iconic Swipe bag, which is usually made of genuine leather. Maisie’s version, however, is made of apple leather (yes, it’s officially a thing!).

According to WWD, the vegan leather is created from apple waste, which is then dried without chemicals and used to create a leather-like material they dubbed “apple skin.”


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Maisie says she’s secretly been working with the brand for a while now. She told WWD,

“Coperni and I have been quietly working on our collaboration for some time and I’m so proud and excited to finally share what we have created together.”

Maisie’s capsule collection includes perforated versions of the Swipe bags with removable customizable pins for a touch of whimsy. The bag comes in three colors: forest green, berry, and silver.

This is not the first time Maisie Williams has dipped her toe in the world of sustainable fashion. In April 2021, Maisie was tapped by H&M sustainable line as a brand ambassador. (Although it’s worth noting that Maisie received a lot of backlash for working with a brand many feel is “greenwashed.”).

Maisie has long been passionate about environmental activism and previously worked with the Dolphin Project back in 2016. The Dolphin Project raises awareness about dolphins kept in captivity and fights to free them.

In June 2016, Maisie created a limited edition tee inspired by her GoT character Arya Stark, with a portion of the proceeds going to the organization.

Later that year, she spoke out about the dangers of dolphins in captivity. She urged fans to boycott dolphin shows, particularly those in Japan. She said,

“These animals travel the ocean. That’s what they explore daily. No tank will be big enough. No tank will ever be deep enough, ever be exciting enough.”

Maisie’s protest was particularly in response to the dolphin hunts that occur in the Japanese town of Taiji, which was the subject of the 2016 film The Cove.

More recently, Maisie participated in a live stream with other young activists for the Cop26 summit in 2021. She also gave a speech introducing Sir David Attenborough’s new series The Green Planet.

Maisie’s collection with Coperni drops on November 22 but you can check out the bags online here. Prices start at $650.


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