‘Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner: Jon Snow is Totally a Sexist

Whew! Game of Thrones Sophie Turner just dropped some major truth bombs at Comic-Con.

The entire GoT cast gathered for their Comic-Con panel and Turner, aka Sansa Stark, did not hold back. Talking about Jon Snow, she said,

“The reality is Jon is the military man, and the sexism exists where he believes that [a man should be in charge].”

Can’t say we disagree there! Although to be fair, the culture of Westeros has some deep-rooted sexism, so Snow is far from alone in his views.

As for Sansa and Jon’s particular situation, she added,

“And in reality, Sansa is a really wonderful politician, and he doesn’t recognize it enough to appreciate it. It’s difficult because military-wise, she doesn’t know anything. And she’s kind of butting in on that respect. And he, on the other end, is trying to be more of a politician, and he doesn’t know as much as she does. If they could just learn to collaborate.”

We can’t say we see a collaboration happening anytime soon, but hey, stranger things have happened!

Other noteworthy things to happen at the panel included an appearance by Alfie Allen’s (Theon) adorable puppy. The cast also debated who which Game of Thrones character they would resurrect, with most saying they wish either Hodor or Catelyn could return.


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Photo: Game Of Thrones/Instagram

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