Everyone is Freaking Out Over this ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Detail

game of thrones season 7

Ok, try and remain calm. HBO may or may not have dropped a tiny Game of Thrones season 7 spoiler about Arya Stark.

Fans first caught wind that something was up with Arya when the Entertainment Weekly cover came out. Did you notice anything out of the ordinary about it? Reddit did! Fans were quick to point out that Arya was obviously sporting the Valyrian steel blade on her hip. Which is super strange because she is clearly not the last one to have it. If anyone has the dagger, it’s probably Littlefinger.

But, of course, that was an editorial photo shoot, so perhaps that was a mistake?

Nope! Because HBO Nordic’s Facebook just dropped a photo OF THE BLADE!

game of thrones season 7

Ok, so the blade is definitely going to play a big role come next season. And whether Arya gets it or not can be up to debate, but we can’t imagine that it’s a total coincidence.

So if all that’s true, that means Arya does, in fact, return to Winterfell (which, I mean, she said she would, so no shocker there) and she either receives the blade from Littlefinger as a gift or she takes it by force. Oh, we are SO ready for a battle!

Also, Arya is a trained assassin so if she’s in possession of a very rare Valyrian steel blade, then we imagine some shit is going to go down. Bring it on!

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