Gift Guide: What to Get the Introvert in Your Life

introvert gift guide 2021

The holidays can be an especially stressful time for introverts. The large family gatherings, the work parties, the small talk, the chit-chat — it’s all just utterly exhausting.

Unlike their extrovert peers, introverts don’t only crave alone time, they need it. Quiet time is vital to helping introverts recharge their batteries as they can get easily drained in social settings.

And if your introvert friend is also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), as many are, then the holidays may not be just stressful, but they can also be overstimulating. The word “anxiety-inducing” comes to mind.

If you have a special introvert in your life — a friend, a sister, a co-worker — then show them some love by getting them something to enhance their alone time. And then, most importantly, leave them alone!

Check out our introvert gift guide below.

1. An Anxiety-Reducing Journal

2. A Super Cozy Sherpa Blanket

3. A Snuggly Body Pillow

4. Plush Slippers

5. A Warm Candle

6. Comfy Loungewear

7. A Pretty Mug

8. Wireless Headphones

9. Luxurious Sheets

10. An Electric Tea Kettle

11. A Fun Onesie

12. A Relaxing Pillow Spray

13. A Weighted Blanket

14. A Vibrator

15. A Really Great Book


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