Gigi Hadid has long been the queen of athleisure but apparently some of her so-called fans aren’t digging her recent fashion choices.

In a now-deleted series of tweets, multiple fans complained about Gigi’s most recent look, which comprised of leggings, a puffer coat, and a crew sweatshirt from her collaboration with Reebok (see below).

gigi hadid street style
Photo by Robert Kamau / GC Images

Obviously, Gigi was not about to let people do her like that and responded,

“U guys need to calm tf down sometimes. It’s called stepping out to do one errand- not dressing for your approval. Your unrealistic expectations & petty complaining all the time about my style or not being sexy enough isn’t going to make me dress differently.”

She added,

“Not just talking about this specific moment. U all talk about empowering women. I support and empower women that show skin and that don’t. It’s about choice. I show skin when I want to and still feel sexy covered head to toe & will continue to do so. Over the snarky comments.”

Gigi hit upon something that women have been trying to express since the dawn of time: we don’t dress for other people, we dress for ourselves.

Not to mention that Gigi shouldn’t be pressured by whiny fans to dress to impress every damn time she steps out of the house. How many of you step out looking like a glamazon just to go to the grocery store?

Hopefully, haters will think twice before coming for Gigi over something as stupid as wearing a sweatshirt and leggings.


Gigi Hadid’s White Guilt is Not Enough

Feature Photo: Gigi Hadid / Instagram

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