What ‘Gilmore Girls’ Can Teach Us About Consent

Ah, Gilmore Girls. You have taught us so many things over the years. Mainly how to talk at 90 mph and how to sing the theme song to Pippi Longstocking. But GG has also taught us a lot about life, and as it turns out, a bit about consent as well.

On Twitter, writer Mikki Kendall pointed out a moment in Gilmore Girls that was a great example of asking for consent. And it was done by none other than our favorite playboy Logan Huntzberger. Mikki explains,

“I’m sorry I just don’t believe consent is that hard to teach when Gilmore Girls managed it in two sentences. Repeatedly. Gilmore Girls is my example because Logan asks Rory ‘Do you want me to go?’ She answers with a kiss so he asks again until answers verbally.”

gilmore girls consent


She adds,

“No mood is broken, they go on to have presumably good sex & it can literally be that simple.”

While this is obviously a very simplistic example of consent as neither party has been drinking or could be considered in the least bit incapable of giving consent, this is still a great moment. He doesn’t take her kiss or actions as consent and waits to get the verbal go-ahead.

Way to go, Gilmore Girls! Such a small moment and yet the writers made a point of having Logan ask her twice for his consent. They honestly didn’t need to do that as far as the storyline is concerned. Props to the writers!


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