There’s Going to be a ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fall Fan Fest in Connecticut and You Can Go

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Calling all Gilmore Girls fans! A Gilmore Girls Fall Fan Fest is in the works and you can still grab tickets.

The festival, made “by fans, for fans” according to the website, was started by Marcus and Jennie Whitaker. This is actually the second year for the festival but it’s in a new location this time around.

Explains the super-fan duo, “Stars Hollow means something to all of us. We can’t quite articulate it and we can’t exactly get there. It isn’t just one place because it doesn’t actually exist, but the idea definitely does.”

With that in mind, this year’s festival is hosted in Kent, Connecticut from October 20-22. The town was voted the best place in New England for fall foliage, so the timing seems perfect.

What can attendees expect at the festival? Not many details have been shared yet, but Gilmore Girls-themed activities and panels will certainly be on the roster. The event promises attendance of a few actors from the beloved series, although names have not yet been released.

The show’s leads have kept busy in recent months. Fox just cast Lauren Graham as the lead in a new comedy pilot, Alexis Bledel has been hard at work in a new Hulu original series, and Melissa McCarthy has a show in the works. Will they clear their schedules to attend a festival devoted to their work? We’ll have to wait and see. Regardless, it sounds like an amazing event.

Tickets are limited and will set you back $250 for a weekend pass, but it sounds worth it for mega fans!

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