'Gilmore Girls': Tumblr Has Proof Paris Geller is Secretly Gay As Hell

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A queer Paris Geller? Yeah, I would watch that show.

And apparently, so would thousands of other people if the internet has anything to say about it.

Tumblr, aka the home of Gaylor Swift, has queered up yet another badass blonde. This time, it’s Gilmore Girls character Paris Geller.

According to #Gellmore theories, Paris is secretly a repressed lesbian who was wildly in love with Rory during their Chilton days. But because Amy Sherman-Palladino was all about heteronormativity, Paris was straight-washed.

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Fans have posted memes, artwork, mood boards, and extensive fan fiction about what they think Rory and Paris would be up to these days if they were together.

But perhaps the best #Gellmore posts on Tumblr are the ones that reexamine moments from their Chilton days through a queer lens. It’s through this interpretation that they’re able to prove that Paris was actually one angry, repressed lesbian who was hopelessly in love with Rory.

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The most popular item of proof comes from a scene in season 1 episode 13 aka “Concert Interruptus,” where Rory, Paris, Madeleine, and Louise go to see the Bangles.

There’s a moment where, after Madeleine and Louise have ditched them, Rory and Paris are listening to “Eternal Flame” and Paris looks at Rory longingly. It’s sweet, it’s tender, and it’s gay as hell. It’s pretty much pinnacle #Gellmore.

gilmore girls paris and rory lesbian couple

Further proof that fans turn to is the way Paris treats Rory when she first starts at Chilton. They look at how Paris bullies Rory and see a girl hopelessly trying to push down her feelings for a girl — feelings she isn’t quite ready to have and isn’t equipped to deal with.

gilmore girls rory and paris
source: tumblr

Over the years, Tumblr has become known for a lot of things: porn (RIP), fan fiction, and queer subtext.

Fans will dissect every little moment to translate the queer subtext that exists underneath. Take Gaylor Swift, for example — although some songs are clearly gay canon (i.e. “Betty“), other songs are a little more subtle (e.g. “Dress”). But make no mistake, Gaylor believers can and will find queer energy in any Taylor Swift song.

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The beauty of things like Gellmore, Gaylor Swift, and so many other queer theories is that they aren’t just for shits and giggles — they actually serve an important purpose.

For many LGBTQ+ folks who struggled to deal with their sexuality growing up, finding queer subtext in their favorite pop star’s songs or fictional character makes them feel seen.

Many people can relate to Paris and how she bullied Rory when she first started Chilton because of their own youth and how they would bully their lesbian crushes instead of dealing with their feelings. They know what it’s like to repress their sexuality and then lash out as a result.

rory gilmore paris geller lesbian
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The theory that Paris would have been a lesbian if she wasn’t “straight-washed by Amy Sherman-Palladino” is obviously up for debate. But if Gellmore fans are able to relate to Paris Geller’s pent-up lesbian teen angst, then I am 100% for it. Long Live Gellmore.

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