We love it!

Gina Rodriguez is all about that sex positivity! And we love it!

The Jane the Virgin actress recently opened up about why it’s so important that Jane is an awesome virgin who can change stereotypes.

In an interview on the podcast Sooo Many White Guys, Gina spoke about what a badass Jane is and why she felt so strongly about playing the character that way.

“I didn’t want her to lack sexuality; she just was making a commitment, and this kind of commitment is just unpopular in our society. All we have to do is make it popular. So I really wanted to make Jane badass. She has two dudes that are after her, she likes boys, she wants to have sex, she’s just waiting for the time when it’s going to be in a safe environment to her perspective and to her conviction.”

Gina also spoke about her own virginity, which she lost at the age of 17, a moment which she referred to as “magical.”

“It was my boyfriend of a year-ish. We were like high school sweetness. He was leaving [for] Chile to go study abroad and we wanted to lose it to each other. We wanted to make sure that it was special and that we would always have a beautiful memory of it. So I lost my virginity to the sweetest guy, ever. It was pretty magical. It was a magical evening of like, safety.”

Awww! We bet it was magical, Gina. And safe. (Because safety first people).


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