All hail the queen.

Even before Jane the Virgin, Gina Rodriquez was fabulous — you just didn’t know it yet.

Gina chatted with THR about everything from her pre-Jane days.

On dealing with catcalling…

“After NYU, I lived deep, deep in Brooklyn, and you’d get the catcalling, and I’d just turn and bark. And they were like, ‘This bitch is crazy.’ And I’d be like, Yeah, g’bye.'”

On her awesome assets…

“When I was 16, I had a big booty, and then I grew up, and now everybody is trying to get booties like the Kardashians, and I’m like, ‘Wait, I had it all along.’ But hey, I’m glad it’s trendy now. Because I play a virgin on TV, what I get is people desiring to tell me their specific sexual orientation or if they’re currently having sex or if they are themselves a virgin.”

On turning down jobs before Jane

“I was nowhere to turn down projects before Jane, and I did. I turned down a project because morally I couldn’t do it; I couldn’t live my life doing something that I wasn’t going to be proud of.”



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