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Girls ended this past Sunday but there’s already talk of a possibly doing a movie down the line.

After the series finale aired, executive producer Jenni Konner chatted with EW and said at the idea if a Girls movie,

“Of course we would! But that is as far as that rumor has gone. It’s not like there are any conversations happening. I also think it would have to be a little while. We couldn’t even do the finale without jumping in time a little. If we came back, there would have to be a good amount of time passed.”

But that would be a huge mistake.

Lena Dunham originally began Girls as an attempt to show a different reality of young women living in New York. It was started almost as the anti- Sex in the City — and attempt to show what “real women” act like in New York.

But even if what Dunham portrayed season one was “realistic” at the time — the show debuted in 2012 — it’s not anymore.

In 2017, millennial women are not the self-absorbed narcissistic people that Dunham wants us to think. We’re active, we’re political, and we’re motivated. While so many want to hate on our generation, what they can’t deny is that we were out there on the front lines in the Women’s March. We’re talking and we’re tweeting about Trump’s actions in Syria and we’re rallying around Planned Parenthood. Yes, we love posting selfies and are super into your phones, but that isn’t what our lives are completely about. And to minimize our experiences to that small aspect of our lives is a mistake.

And it’s not like Girls adapted with the times. The series finale showed Hannah as the same narcissist she was when the show premiered, despite becoming a mom.

And even worse, Lena Dunham herself hasn’t seemed to stay up with the times. Love her or hate her, I think we can all agree that she’s not exactly the most woke. Whether it’s her misguided statements on abortion or her racially charged comments against Odell Beckham Jr., it’s clear that Dunham can often be just as sheltered as her Girls character.

Moreover, we’ve heard Lena’s voice by now. We’ve heard what she’s had to say. It’s time for us to hear a new voice of our generation, and one that doesn’t belong to a middle-class white woman.

One of the biggest criticisms that Girls received was its lack of diversity — all four stars are white cisgender women. Dunham’s response to that critique was that as a white woman, she could not capture the perspective of someone different than her. Fine. But then let’s hear from someone who can.

It’s time for Girls to end and a new generation to come to the forefront. Let’s leave Girls in the past.

Lena Finkel is the Editor and Founder of Femestella. Prior to starting Femestella, she worked at People, InStyle, and Tiger Beat. Her favorite Housewife is Bethenny Frankel (by far!), but when she’s not watching RHONY, you can probably find her hanging with her kitty Tom or tweeting at Sen. Chuck Schumer.

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