'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery': Behind the Iconic Outfits From the Film

kate hudson glass onion knives out outfits dress
credit: John Wilson/Netflix

To say that Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery‘s costume designer Jenny Eagen is a genius would be an understatement.

This is, after all, the same woman who turned a simple white cable knit sweater into an iconic fashion moment. So, we certainly had high expectations when it came to the second Knives Out film, aka Glass Onion. And wow did she exceed every expectation!

So, let’s take a moment to look back at some of the best fashion moments from the film.

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Birdie Jay

glass onion birdie jay dress kate hudson
credit: John Wilson/Netflix © 2022

Jenny revealed that the majority of Birdie’s wardrobe, including that stellar rainbow halter-neck gown, was created from scratch (we found a similar one here). She told Variety,

“It’s hard to find a print that’s not in your face all the time with designers. I thought, let’s go bold. We can make it our own.”

glass onion knives out kate hudson outfits birdy jay bikini swimsuit
credit: John Wilson/Netflix © 2022.

Birdie’s poolside look was one of the few outfits that Jenny didn’t design. Instead, she dressed Kate Hudson in an Andrea Iyamah Orange Ruffle Bikini Top and matching Bikini Bottom paired with a Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Straw Fringe Tote Bag.


glass onion knives out whiskey outfits madelyn cline
credit: John Wilson/NETFLIX

Actress Madelyn Cline revealed to EW that it was Whiskey’s first outfit that really helped her grasp the character. She explained,

“I saw the fringe bag and the boots and I was like, ‘Oh, this girl has not moved on from 2014 or ’15. She stayed in her 2015 Coachella era and has never left.'”

Although Jenny hasn’t revealed the origin of the pieces from the outfit, we found a similar white eyelet tie-front top, white distressed denim shorts, and brown suede fringe boots.

glass onion whiskey bikini madelyn cline
credit: Netflix

Her pool look was also giving off *major* influencer vibes as she rocked a gold metallic triangle string bikini, much like this one.

knives out 2 glass onion madelyn cline dress
credit: John Wilson/Netflix © 2022.

For Whiskey’s dinner party dress, Jenny went with the it-girl brand Cult Gaia (beloved by celebs like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber) and its Brown Vestida Serita Cutout Knit Maxi Dress.

Andi Brand

janelle monae glass onion knives out outfits suit
credit: John Wilson/NETFLIX

Like Byrdie, most of Andi’s outfits were also custom-made. Jenny worked closely with Janelle Monae to create Andi’s wardrobe, as Janelle told EW.

“I told [Jenny] some of the style icons that I was thinking about, and she just got it, and was very collaborative. We talked through fabric, and making sure that all the details were her theme. Andy’s clothes do a lot of work for her. Jenny did a really incredible job finding those visual representations that matched up with my energy.”

Detective Beniot Blanc

beniot blanc swimsuit bathing suit glass onion knives out
credit: John Wilson/Netflix © 2022.

If any piece is the new “sweater” in Glass Onion, it’s definitely Beniot’s iconic striped two-piece swimsuit. Speaking about the look, Jenny said,

“There’s a dandy about [Beniot] that takes you back to a time before. It borders on period and old-fashioned, but yet contemporized a little bit. He’s a character dressing for where he’s going and what he’s getting into.”

When Jenny ended up meeting with the shirtmaker, he suggested using Frank Sinatra as inspiration. Jenny recalled,

“He was like, ‘Oh, my dad used to build Frank Sinatra something.’ His dad was also a shirt maker and he had the patterns. He brought out old pictures and I was like, ‘This could be amazing.'”

knives out beniot blanc outfits glass onion
credit: John Wilson / Netflix © 2022

As for the rest of Benoit’s looks, they were all custom-made, with the sole exception of his iconic scarves. Jenny explained,

“They were something we found on Etsy. They’re just these small, local people that make these beautiful bandanas, except the one from the dinner scene in the end that we made. I found some vintage silk fabric in my kit. Once we worked out what color the suits were and the shirts, we thought it might be really beautiful.”

Duke Cody

duke speedo glass onion knives out scene
credit: Netflix

Duke Cody’s speedo was *everything*. And, of course, it had to have a place for his gun. Jenny said of the process,

“It was the Speedo first. I was like, ‘Oh, well there’s a [beach] wrap, and then we could do Crocs and then the gun and the whole thing.’ It was animalistic.”

As for actor Dave Bautista, who plays Duke, he was definitely a bit, ahem, gun-shy when he first saw the speedo. He recalled,

“I’m blushing now thinking about it. I feel like I’ve worn less. I wrestled in front of millions of people wearing just as little. But for some reason, I just was really self-conscious about this damn Speedo. And then when she told me I was going to be wearing a gun on top, I was blushing and embarrassed but at the same time laughing my ass off because it’s just so ridiculous.”

Miles Bron

miles bron outfits elon musk glass onion knives out
Courtesy Netflix

For tech billionaire Miles Bron (played by Edward Norton), most fans believe that Elon Musk was the inspiration — a theory that Jenny has yet to address. However, given her description of Miles’ wardrobe, it seems pretty clear. She said,

“It’s like, ‘You have so much money that even the t-shirt is the most expensive t-shirt in the world, but it looks like it’s nothing.’ The jewelry and the necklace make it ostentatious. It was simplifying him to sell that idea of, ‘Even at my dinner party, I can be so relaxed.’ It’s probably dripping in money because it was custom-made. That was the idea with him — relaxed, laid back, ‘This is not a big deal. This is my house. This is my stuff.'”

Lionel Toussaint

glass onion knives out 2 outfits costumes leslie odom jr
credit: John Wilson/Netflix © 2022.

For Lionel’s character, played by Leslie Odom Jr., Jenny was determined to avoid the “nerdy scientist” stereotype. She told Men’s Health,

“I just don’t think that we have to define the scientist as the white lab coat tie, you know, nerdy guy. They have style, too! They’re artists in their own right. We wanted to create this magic for him where there’s other things going on in his life other than this. We used a lot of natural fabrics with him as well, kind of getting away from what Miles was doing that he was so against. Those little thought processes go into it. But I really loved his green suit and he wore it so well.”


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