'Good Girls' Should Be Awesome — So Why Does it Suck So Bad?

Good Girls is NBC’s latest attempt at comedy and follows three middle-class women who find themselves in deep shit after robbing a bank.

The show has a great cast — Mae Whitman from Parenthood, Retta from Parks and Rec, and Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. All of these women are crazy-talented actors and the show should be a smash. The problem? It’s terrible.

Good Girls recently aired their third episode and it’s clear that the writers have no idea what they’re doing. They’ve barely given the women anything to work with and don’t seem to know how to play to their talents. Mae can handle big, emotional scenes and yet her lines are often blasé and unoriginal. Retta is freaking hilarious and yet they can’t even write a proper one-liner for her. And Christina Hendricks is a total sex-pot and they’ve turned her into a boring housewife.

I’m not saying we need to typecast these actors — not by far. But a show should know their cast’s talents, and make sure to play up their strengths. And yet the writers and scripts are giving them absolutely nothing to work with.

Not to mention that every plot lines has been uninspired and predictable.The girls rob a bank, smuggle in counterfeit money, and kidnap Mae’s boss and yet the show is somehow still boring. It’s like they’re trying to copy Breaking Bad but without the unexpected twists, the edge, and the lovable anti-hero. And without the incredible Bryan Cranston, why even bother?

The only good thing about this show is Mae’s TV daughter Sadie, who is one of the first gender non-confirming kids to grace network TV.

While it’s only been three episodes, Good Girls shows no sign of picking up or finding its footing anytime soon. I doubt this show will be picked up for a second season. I honestly wonder if they’ll even finish out the current out.


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Lena Finkel
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