The Good Place star Jameela Jamil is never afraid to get real. And this time she’s talking all about body positive.

The movement has been championed by amazing women like Tess Holiday and Ashley Graham, but according to Jameela, skinny women are trying to co-opt the hashtag. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, she explained,

“It’s become a marketing slogan, and that’s not what it was originally for. It was supposed to be inclusive, and again now, it’s been taken over by very slender, often Caucasian women. And that’s fine, but they weren’t the reason that body positivity was started and needed. So it’s turned into just a way for brands to have an excuse to talk about women’s bodies some more.”

Body positivity hits extremely close to home for Jameela. The actress has been through a long journey with her body, starting with anorexia when she was 14 years old. As a kid, she was teased for being the heaviest girl in class after her teacher forced everyone to weigh themselves in front of each other.

“I think I stopped eating around then and it developed into full-formed anorexia and I had like body dysmorphia around 14.”

She’s since recovered and has made it her mission to talk honestly about women’s body image issues. She started the “I Weigh” movement earlier this year, which encourages women to realize they are more than a number on a scale.

jameela jamil i weigh
Jameela Jamil’s first #iweigh post/ Instagram

She told Buzzfeed News,

“Weighing is not an indication of health. It doesn’t mean anything. It shouldn’t be part of our narrative, it shouldn’t be part of our conversation, [and] you definitely shouldn’t be weighing children and then telling them what they weigh … it just creates so much trauma.”

Jameela has also become a fierce feminist, notoriously calling out the Kardashians for being “double agents for the patriarchy.”

Obviously, this caused quite a stir. But that’s what makes Jameela so fabulous — she never minces her words and pretty much says what the rest of us are thinking. Well, at least she says what I’m thinking.

In case you can’t get enough of Jameela, catch her on The Good Place on NBC.


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