‘The Good Place’ Season 2: D’Arcy Carden Says Janet Will Go Absolutely Cray

good place season 2
Credit: The Good Place/ Instagram

If you thought the season one finale of The Good Place was madness, things are about to go seriously cray cray in season 2.

Warning: If you haven’t finished season 1 yet, STOP READING, Major spoilers, obviously!

So last time we left the gang, Eleanor and Chidi had just realized they weren’t in “the good place” at all — they were in hell! And that’s just the first twist. According to D’Arcy Carden, aka Janet, things are going haywire — and fast. She told Elle.com,

“On season two, [Janet] kind of goes off the rails a little bit. There are a lot of weird twists and turns with Janet this season, which is incredibly fun and satisfying. We get to see the Janet we know from season one, but then we also see sides of Janet we have never seen before. She goes off the damn rails, baby. I do love putting that [Bad Place Janet] wig on. I like the frosted lip—it’s very fun to get into her.”

But what about Janet and Jianyu?? Now that Jianyu’s memory has been reset, are they dunzo? We hope not because we kind of loved their bizarre romance.

As for Eleanor and Chidi, we’re still holding out hope they find their way back to each other. Eleanor put a note to self in Janet’s mouth before her memory reset, so these two still have a fighting chance!

As for D’Arcy, she was totally heartbroken when she read that particular moment in the script. She said,

“The ‘Find Chidi’ note that Eleanor puts in Janet’s mouth really kind of broke my heart in a weird way. In fact, it meant so much to me that we did a bunch of takes of that scene, and every time Kristen [Bell] would put the ‘Find Chidi’ note in my mouth we would put the prop back. I asked Julie from props if she would save them for me, and I had all of those notes.”


The Good Place season 2 premieres September 20 on NBC. Get ready, folks!

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