'The Good Place' Ted Danson Accidentally Spilled the Season 1 Twist to... John Krasinski!

Look, I wouldn’t be paying attention to my words if I was talking to John Krasinski’s face, either.

We’ve all seen The Good Place season one finale and we remember the moment that 100% shook us. It was a twist that completely changed the course of the show and the audience had absolutely no clue where it would head next season. And show creator Mike Schur only told stars Ted Danson and Kristen Bell, back when he pitched the series to them.

The two were sworn to secrecy, but that didn’t last long. Soon John Krasinski was in on the bad place twist, too.

Ted Danson was explaining the show’s premise to fellow NBC gold club member Krasinski when he accidentally corrected him on the show’s setting. Ted told Jimmy Kimmel,

“I saw [Krasinski nod his head and] go, ‘Oh, okay, so it’s a sitcom that takes place in heaven.’ And I went, ‘No, no, no.’ And I then told him the whole thing about the flip. And he thought it was really cool.”

And then Ted told more people because he loved their reactions. He said,

“You know, if there’s good news to be told, I want to tell it.”

How pure. But also it would have saved him from making a few phone calls begging his friends not to tell. And also he signed a non-disclosure agreement.

But now that the secret is officially out, Ted is having more fun than ever playing Michael. He told Vulture,

“It’s like all bets are off. It almost feels like carte blanche. You have some middle-management guy in the Bad Place trying to torture people, giving up, trying to join the team, ya know? He’s just all over the place and a big hot mess, which is fun to play.”

The Good Place airs Tuesdays 8:30/7:30 central.

Anne Catherine Demere
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