Google Releases Hilarious Guide to What Teens Think is “Cool”

google cool guide
source: Nylon

Trying to market your product to teens? Google has you covered. Google released a digital magazine called It’s Lit: A Guide to What Teens Think is Cool — a title, which seemingly proves that Google literally knows nothing about what teens think is cool.

The guide includes very scientific charts about what exactly “cool” means and exactly which brands are in and which are out. Such findings include:

Teens think music that makes them ‘feel’ something is cool.

Shoes are the currency of cool for gen z.

It’s cool to be you. Being beautiful is being yourself.

LOL! Such words of wisdom! Whoever wrote this has clearly not been a teen in a very long time. And while we understand why they put this thing out — obviously most marketers are trying to harness the power of millennials, especially online — this was just not the way to go.

source: Google

But wait, it gets better.

Google also created a graph of how cool different brands are in comparison to each other. Of the “coolest” brands, YouTube, Netflix and Google rank in the top three.

They also break down apps, social media platforms, and video games. The whole thing is rather thorough, but just plain ridiculous.

We can’t even with this.

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