Do you want the chance to be screamed at by chef Gordon Ramsay?

gordon ramsay
source: Instagram

Do you want the chance to be screamed at by chef Gordon Ramsay? Well, all you have to do is tweet a picture of mediocre food you’ve cooked for your opportunity.

Recently, the notorious TV chef turned to Twitter to comment on the sub-par cooking of Internet strangers. To be fair, he is responding to those who are directly asking for his feedback. Regardless, the commentary is pretty hilarious.

Oooh, burn.

Although Ramsay is known for his rather *harsh* demeanor, he recently began showing off his softer side on his spinoff show Masterchef Junior. The show features young chefs between the ages of 8-13 and Ramsay is extremely kind and patient with all of the children. Aww! We think we’ll stick with this image of Ramsay, rather than the one of the angry Tweeter!

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