Let the gossip commence!

source: Instagram

So it turns out our love of celebrity gossip officially serves a real purpose in our lives! *Cue the I-told-you-so*

A new study conducted by the University of Pavia confirms that gossiping can lead to many beneficial results, including the release of oxytocin, aka the pleasure hormone.

The lead author Dr. Natascia Brondino spoke with Broadly and explained,

“It serves a useful social function. It brings people closer together than they would be if they were talking about some impersonal topic. And it can help us figure out who to trust, because we can hear information about people we don’t know from trusted sources.”


source: Instagram

The study was conducted with 22 female students (admittedly, a small sample size). The group was divided in two — one group gossiped about a possible pregnancy on campus while the other engaged in mundane conversation. Afterwards, everyone was tested with saliva swabs to check for oxytocin and cortisol levels. And it turned out the group who had gossiped had way higher levels of oxytocin!

Of course, this is only one small study but we’re completed convinced. Let the gossip commence!

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