Goth & Gorgeous: Wednesday Addams-Inspired Gothic Wedding Dresses and Entourage Attire

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There has been a resurgence of gothic themes in popular culture these days and everyone seems to want to join in on the fun. It seems like the dark side has won from weddings down to fashion this time. The latest gothic muse would be Wednesday Addams of the hit Netflix show Wednesday. With her dark and moody character and all-black wardrobe, Wednesday, played by the fabulous Jenna Ortega, has again brought the gothic trend right into the spotlight.

Gothic weddings have been making waves for quite some time now but thanks to Wednesday, it’s getting more and more popular. From wedding dresses to bridal party attire, people can’t seem to get enough of the theme’s dark, mysterious, and whimsically romantic vibe. If you think black doesn’t fit weddings, you’re in for a surprise. Gothic glamour has taken the world by storm and brides all over the world can’t help but be enchanted.

If you’re planning your gothic wedding or attending one soon, you’ve come to the right site. We have gathered down some of our favorite Wednesday Addams-inspired gothic wedding dresses and bridal party attire so you don’t have to. Scroll down and find one you’d want.

Wednesday Addams-Inspired Gothic Wedding Dress

Romantic and elegant with a touch of dark magic, gothic wedding dresses are truly a fashion statement. Wearing one at your wedding is a surefire way to show your individuality and leave guests’ jaws hanging. Here are some of our favorites:

Wednesday Addams-Inspired Gothic Wedding Dress 1: Bold in Black

It isn’t a gothic wedding if there isn’t a hint of black in the theme. A black gothic wedding dress veers from tradition and breaks expectations. If you want to show your individuality like Wednesday Addams, go for an all-black dress for your big day.

Wednesday Addams-Inspired Gothic Wedding Dress 2: Twist in Tradition

If you want to keep a slice of tradition to your wedding outfit but want to create an impact, then a black and white wedding dress is the one for you. Just like some of Wednesday’s outfits, a mix of black and white looks really good.

Wednesday Addams-Inspired Gothic Wedding Dress 3: Tiered Tulle

Just like Wednesday’s prom outfit, a tiered tulle wedding gown will turn heads and look great on the dance floor. A tiered gothic wedding dress has a whimsical and dreamy vibe that looks stunning when worn.

Wednesday Addams-Inspired Gothic Wedding Dress 4: Corset Queen

Corsets are flattering and fashionable, making any wearer look gorgeous and flawless. Corsets also add a dramatic flair to any outfit, especially in gothic wedding dresses. If you want authentic gothic glamour for your big day, go for a corset wedding dress.

Wednesday Addams-Inspired Gothic Entourage Attire

If you’re attending a gothic wedding as part of the entourage, you should keep up with the theme and should come in your best gothic attire. Here are some gorgeous gothic bridal party dresses you should consider:

Wednesday Addams-Inspired Gothic Entourage Attire 1: Lavish in Lace

black bridesmaid dress
credit: CICINIA

Gothic weddings are all about opulence and luxury, which means pretty dresses in stunning fabrics. A lace bridesmaid dress like this one from CICINIA is probably the most perfect attire for a gothic wedding. The intricate designs and striking silhouettes will surely turn heads.

Wednesday Addams-Inspired Gothic Entourage Attire 2: Sequined Siren

Channel a sexy and sparkly dark mermaid with a black sequined bridesmaid dress. The wonderful texture of the dress will make up for the rather monochromatic shade. It’s chic, something you can even use at other parties or celebrations.

Wednesday Addams-Inspired Gothic Entourage Attire 3: Velvet Belle

Another fabric that fits just right to the gothic theme of the wedding is velvet. A velvet bridesmaid dress is sexy, and stylish, and looks great on any body type. Be it a simple long-sleeved creation ala Morticia Addams’ signature outfit or a blood-red stunner, it’ll surely be a winner.

Wednesday Addams-Inspired Gothic Entourage Attire 4: Beaded Beauty


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Beads and embroidery are signature details in gothic fashion so why not adapt them to your entourage dress? Go for something that is beautifully intricate and romantic in dark and deep shades like emerald green, crimson red, or black to stay on theme.