Grace and Frankie Season 3 Review: The Best Season Yet

Grace and Frankie Season 3 hit Netflix on March 24.

But you probably already knew that.

Like a fine wine, or the lead actors themselves, the show just gets better with age. Although it’s been hilarious and progressive since it’s inception, the show has become even more nuanced as it progresses. And we believe that the third season is the series’ best.

Why? The way it portrays love and sexuality. These, of course, have been topics throughout the series, but they’ve really come to fruition in the third season. And with only minor spoilers, here are some of the strongest and most important themes that pertain to these topics in Grace and Frankie Season 3:

Female Masturbation
What!!??! Taboo!! But in season 3, it is the main overarching idea as the ladies work on their Vybrant business.

Older Women As Sexual Beings
In a similar vein, a major taboo subject! The idea of older women as sexual beings and masturbating is rarely thought of, let alone discussed in media. As Mimi of Purple Orchid says in episode 8, nobody wants to see older women with anything sexy. This season really combats this idea in a hilarious and respectful way.

grace and frankie season 3
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Women Not Wanting Marriage/Kids
Brianna’s outlook on the topics of marriage and children is a refreshing change of pace. Women not wanting to get married or have kids is not often represented in media. Certainly not in a positive way, at least. Brianna changes that lens. She is not without flaws and doubts about her choices, but at the heart of it, she is a representation of this underrepresented demographic.

Different Kinds of Love
The show continually reminds us that there are many different kinds of love. This extends even beyond sexual orientation and romantic relationships. The love between Grace and Frankie, Mallory and Brianna, Frankie and Coyote/Bud is undeniable. They are complicated relationships, to say the least, but there’s no doubting it’s love.

Do you think season 3 is the best yet?

Allie Bush
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