'Grace and Frankie' Season 4: The Best 9 Moments

Wow. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have done it again. Grace and Frankie season 4 dropped on Netflix on Friday, January 19 and it does not disappoint.

I honestly thought season 3 was pretty kickass (you can read the Grace & Frankie season 3 review here), but somehow season 4 managed to top itself. And despite a relatively quiet launch with little fanfare by Netflix, there’s no chance the show’s cult following will let this season go unnoticed.

If you haven’t binge-watched the entire season yet, spoilers ahead. And now, the top moments of the season (in no particular order).

9. Grace On a Scooter

Jane Fonda riding a power scooter is perhaps the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Grace is dealing with her increasing knee pain while trying to hide it from her family. But when she enters an enormous hardware store, she’s forced to embrace the old lady’s best friend: the scooter. Of course, Grace is high on pain pills and drunk af and the whole debacle ends with her hitting a cop car. Nailed it.

grace and frankie season 4 review
Credit: Netflix
8. All the One-Liners

Grace and Frankie has always had amazing, meme-worthy one-liners and season 4 was no different. The writers are seriously at the top of their game. My personal favorite? Episode 13, courtesy of Grace:

“Does your loved one have trouble getting their middle finger up? Nope, works just fine!”

7. Grace and Frankie Kill Someone

The girls decide to go visit one of their favorite and most loyal customers only to find out the woman had a heart attack while using one of their vibrators. Frankie pretty much has a meltdown and declares herself a murder and promises to spread the word. Oh, and did I mention there were vagina balloons involved?

grace and frankie
Credit: Netflix
6. How Accurately the Show Portrays the Way Society Treats Older People

The observational humor is subtle, but absolutely on point this season. Throughout the episodes, both Grace and Frankie are constantly asked by strangers if they can help them in some way. But they’re not trying to be helpful but rather condescending. The sad part is it’s a completely accurate reflection of reality. We often treat our older population like helpless children, and that’s not ok.

5. Grace and Frankie Escape from Alcatraz

Ok, so it technically wasn’t “Alcatraz” but it was pretty damn close. After Grace and Frankie find themselves tricked into living in an old people home by their children, they find their lives are completely and utterly boring. So naturally, they hatch an escape plan. They steal a medical golf cart and ride off to the beach. Best escape ever.

grace and frankie review

4. All the Hijinks

It wouldn’t be Grace and Frankie if there weren’t *a few* hijinks. The show starts off with the two trying to help out their new friend Sheree (Lisa Kudrow) get her house back. It involves breaking and entering, fake identities and more.

3. Sol and Robert Having a Semi-Threesome

When Sol brings home his new friend Roy, aka the sexiest man ever, the two find themselves feeling randier than ever. While at first they just use the sexual energy to breathe new life into their own relationship, I can definitely see this going somewhere naughty. After all, their therapist did suggest some kind of new, open relationship, right?

grace and frankie 4
Credit: Netflix
2. Frankie Dies

Well, not literally. Technically, she’s only dead to the government. Oops! So now she can’t use her credit cards, get her mail and the list just gets worse from there. She tries desperately to get her identity back, even tries to get arrested in the process, but to no avail.

1. Jane and Lily’s Amazing Chemistry

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have always had great on-screen chemistry from day one. But by season 4, their budding friendship and turned into a full-on love story. I’m calling it now. Right up there next to Abbi and Ilana of Broad City, these two are the cutest besties on TV right now. Hands down.


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