There are so few mainstream shows that do black hair justice and I’m so thankful Grown-ish is one of them.

Over the first season, Yara Shahidi and Chloe and Hallie Bailey rocked every awesome hairstyle imaginable — braids, twists, curls, natural, relaxed and more. It’s so rare that a show truly embraces black hair — the only other show that has done the same is Insecure and that’s still pretty recent.

Black women are so often told that their hair is not beautiful, that they should try to obtain straight white girl hair. But black hair is beautiful and there are so many different beautiful ways for black women to wear their hair. Why should they be stuck with relaxed hair all season long?

It’s even more amazing considering the network Grown-ish is on, aka Freeform. Freeform (formerly ABC Family) has only recently taken a stab at diversity. As ABC Family, they mostly stuck to white-centric shows like GuiltMelissa & JoeyChloe King, Stitchers, Young & Hungry, and more.

But not only does Grown-ish have a black lead and (many) black love interests for Yara, but they took the extra mile to make sure they did Yara’s character (and hair) right.

Check out the gallery below to see the 12 most *amazing* hairstyles from season one of Grown-ish.

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