Maryland High Schools Are Teaching Kids to Treat Gunshot Wounds

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School shootings have now become so commonplace that Maryland high schools are teaching their staff and students to treat gunshot wounds.

ABC News reported that the grassroots initiative “Stop the Bleed” is helping to teach people across the nation to treat life-threatening bleeding. The initiative was partially launched as a response to the Sandy Hook shooting and now many Maryland high schools are making the training mandatory for staff and students prior to the new school year.

Although it’s horrifying that we need to teach children how to do this, it certainly sounds like a better idea than Betsey DeVos’ plan to allow schools to use federal funding to buy guns for their teachers.

The New York Times originally reported that DeVos was considering introducing a vague policy that would allow her the flexibility to approve of federal grant spending on firearms and firearm training for school staff.

Since the article, DeVos has clarified that “Congress did not authorize me or the Department to make those decisions.”

To learn more about the Stop the Bleed initiative and how to bring medical professionals to your school or workplace, head to their website here.

Lena Finkel
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