‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Elisabeth Moss: Stop Asking Me About Scientology

So Elisabeth Moss really doesn’t want to be asked about her faith, guys.

In a recent appearance on The Today Show, Moss shut it down when they tried to ask her about Scientology. She said,

“I’m always happy to have a personal conversation with somebody off the record, but in this kind of scenario, no.”

Of course, they weren’t going to let her get off that easy. After pressing her a bit about whether she thinks Scientology has affected her career, she said,

“I feel like I’ve done OK… I mean, I honestly don’t pay attention to anything except for what people think of my work.”

So, guess that’s a no?

With the success of The Handmaid’s Tale and Top of the Lake, she probably has a lot more talk shows and magazine cover stories ahead of her, which means the buzz of her affiliation with Scientology is only getting louder. But Moss seems to be holding firm.

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The only time she truly opened up was back in 2012 when she chatted with The Telegraph. She said her family was a part of the church, but it was more than tradition that drew her to the choice of accepting the faith.

“Some people say that yoga really helps them feel centered. And some people feel that being vegan is something that makes them more of themselves. Or Kaballah. Or there’s Buddhism or whatever. I mean, I think that for me it’s one thing that has helped me at times, and it’s kind of as simple as that.”

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And that was pretty much that… until an Instagram troll got to her last month. Many find Elisabeth’s participation in Scientology to be hypocritical since the religion is considered by many to be largely oppressive, much like the Gilead in Handmaid’s Tale. After getting called out by a commenter, she decided to clarify a few things. She wrote,

“Religious freedom and tolerance and understanding and truth and equal rights for every race, religion, and creed are extremely important to me. The most important things to me probably. And so Gilead and THT hit me on a very personal level.”

But now that Elisabeth is back on the press tour, it seems like she’s back to keeping her private life private. And frankly, an actress maneuvering through the promotional tours of her projects shouldn’t have to dodge questions and accusations of her faith.


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