Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” Review: It’s a Hit

harry styles sign of the times
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And so the moment we’ve been waiting for: Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” single dropped today.

He is the third ex- One Direction boy to release a single since the split. Zayn, of course, released “Pillowtalk” and Niall dropped “This Town”, both in 2016.

What’s kind of wonderful is all three have adopted very different tones, both from each other and from One Direction entirely. Although we’ll always be sad about the breakup, it’s exciting to see them head in separate directions musically.

And now, on to Harry’s track. Our verdict: thumbs up!

Having your debut single push 6 minutes in length is a bold choice. But for Styles, it works.

The best way to describe this song? It could be the song that’s playing in the background when you’re driving in the car on a rainy day, looking dramatically out the window pretending you are in a music video.

We expected big things from One Direction’s fan fave, and he did not disappoint. It’s mellow with a sweet tone, fitting of Harry’s public persona. Some people are arguing it has some serious Bowie vibes, and we feel that.

You can listen to the single on Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes.

Fans can expect to see Styles perform the song on SNL next week. It is slated to be an exciting episode, with Jimmy Fallon hosting. Additionally, it is the first time the iconic show will air live on both coasts. No pressure.

We look forward to hearing more from Harry!

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