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Raise your hand if you made the New Year’s resolution to live healthier and have already fallen off the bandwagon?

I think many of us should be raising our hands right now.

It’s easy to lose motivation when it comes to healthy eating and exercise, but sometimes all you need is a little inspiration. Especially with summer just around the corner, the nicer weather and larger selection of fresh produce should get you jazzed about healthy living! But if you need an extra nudge, there is no shortage of wellness-inspired Instagrams to give you that inspiration.

We’ve curated a list of some of our favorite ladies who are killin’ the wellness game on Instagram. Give them a follow!

1. Fit_Pham

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I adore Fit_Pham, aka Chi. She covers health and wellness from all angles, including food and exercise. She encourages her followers to figure out what health and fitness means for them, all while providing some of her own tips. In addition to posting what she’s eating, she also shares posts that debunk “healthy” food myths, and posts quick videos of the “do’s and don’ts” of certain popular exercises. You’ll be eating the healthiest peanut butter and doing proper squats in no time!

2. WhitneyySimmons

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Whitney is my go-to when it comes to workouts. I looked like a damn fool when I started going to the gym, but Whitney’s exercises have become my shining beacons on the path to achieving fitness. Her workouts are realistic and doable, no ridiculous challenges that are near impossible to achieve. On her Instagram account, she posts quick sets to incorporate into your routine, and also links to full length YouTube videos for longer workouts. She also has an adorable pup. Let’s all #GetFitWithWhit

3. KaleMeMaybe

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Never did I think I’d be drooling over a picture of vegetables. But Carina proved me wrong. She posts the most scrumptious looking meals I’ve ever seen. And they are all healthy, clean-eating inspired recipes! Some of her arrangements have been featured on Whole Foods’ official Instagram as well. If you like what you see, she’s coming out with a cookbook as well.

4. Mynameisjessamyn

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Where has Jessamyn been my whole life? I recently stumbled upon her account, and I’m obsessed. This yoga goddess shares photos and videos of poses that I hope I can achieve one day. Her body-positive attitude is honest and refreshing. Plus, she also has a book out (Every Body Yoga) and a yoga series on the Cody app.

5. thedelicious

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If you want to scroll through pictures of incredibly satisfying and colorful pictures of fruits & veggies for hours, this is the account for you. Also a new find for me, Sarah’s images are mesmerizing, and make me want to incorporate more color into my diet. And not just more gummy bears.

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