Heather Morris Responds to Shocking DWTS Elimination

heather morris dwts
source: Instagram

Dancing with the Stars fans witnessed a shocking elimination on last night’s program. Actress Heather Morris was voted off the show, despite earning the first perfect score of the season.

She spoke with the hosts of GMA this morning to speak about the shocking results.

When asked if she was just as surprised as everyone else, Morris said,

“It’s a weird thing because you know it’s reality television and so many things can go wrong. I was trying to be helpful the whole time and just have a really great experience. I was expecting it to go, either way, I was happy to be there. When it happened, I was like, it is what it is, things will happen as they may. I had a great time.”

Seems to be the general attitude of those voted off the program.

These results can’t help but remind us of the importance of fan voting. Additionally, it highlights that at a certain point, the show is more of a popularity contest than anything else. Many DWTS fans cried “unfair!” when Heather was cast due to her pro dancing background, but this elimination reinforces that talent can only take contestants so far. I guess not enough Gleeks were voting!

Regardless, people are generally surprised at Heather’s departure. Arguably it is one of the most surprising results of the show’s history.

It was also kind of a bummer because it was Maks’ first episode back on the show since his injury.

However, Heather also shared that Maks wasn’t joining her in the interview as there was some sort of attempted break-in at his home that morning. Everyone is safe, but we hope that the lil’ fam is okay!

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