Growing Up Hollywood: Best Dressed Celebrity Kids

best dressed celebrity kids
credit: @victoriabeckham/Instagram

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Their parents are easily recognizable in the world of fashion, sports, music, and the royal family. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are celebrity kids with wardrobes filled with the latest trends and sought-after fashion.

And whether it is through genes or simply being surrounded by the best in the business thanks to their famous parents, these young tweens, teens, and everything in between have become fashion icons in their own right. From designer girls trainers to winter coats donning the biggest names in fashion, here are some of the best-dressed kids in the biz.

North West Kardashian


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Daughter to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, it is no surprise that the oldest daughter North has picked up some tips and tricks along the way from her image-obsessed parents. Even from a young age, North has never shied away from bold outfit choices, from neon slip dresses, bright faux fur, and all-leather ensembles. The now eleven-year-old is only going from strength to strength.

While some of her choices may seem unusual for someone so young, she has fully embraced the concept of using fashion as a form of self-expression and confidently wears each unique choice.

Harper Beckham


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As the youngest child of fashion designer Victoria Beckham and retired football superstar David Beckham, Harper already has an entire blog dedicated to her style and fashion choices at just eleven years old.

With a closet filled with designer labels like Burberry, BonTon, Little Marc Jacobs, and more, it is no wonder her wardrobe is as sought after as her equally fashionable parents. In addition to never missing the mark clothes-wise, this young fashionista is known to rock chic hairstyles, from a blunt bob and fringe to long double braids.

Princess Charlotte

While her parents are not technically celebrities, Princess Charlotte is the middle child to the Prince and Princess of Wales, William, and Kate. This young royal has the timeless and classic fashion sense that has become synonymous with the royal family.

Her smock dresses, tights, and shoes always leave her looking polished and neat, often paired with a chic matching headband. Of course, as a royal and, more importantly, the daughter of the future King of England, Charlotte will always have a more refined and traditional wardrobe. But as her elegant mother proves, this classic, sophisticated fashion journey will quickly lead to timeless looks down the line for this budding icon.