How Essential Oils Can Be Beneficial To Stress Relief

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“Stress” is something that, for the last two decades, has become one of the most discussed topics — both amongst medical practitioners and in our friends and family circle. The word itself creates a general perception as something related to mind, brain, and heart. And this is certainly true. But very few of us know the fact that stress has just as much to do with our physical functioning as it relates to the former three things.

Feelings of anxiety and frustration are associated with a psychological aspect of stress. Similarly, physical symptoms of stress can include stomach or digestive issues, muscle tension, dizziness, headaches, to name a few. The answer to the question “how essential oils can be beneficial for stress relief” lies within the connection between essential oils and stress. So let’s first understand the basics.

A Deep Connection Between Essential Oils and Stress Relief

Using scents for stress relief is known as aromatherapy, a form of complementary therapy. During this therapy, essential oils are absorbed in the body through the following ways:

Topical Application
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The essential oils come in direct contact with the skin and are absorbed into the body through the pores of the skin by massaging the area. The active organic components in the essential oils interact with your body and attempt to improve the concerning bodily functions.

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As the name suggests, the essential oils enter the body by inhalation via the nose. Scents in general, and those released by essential oils, act on the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that plays a crucial role in many functions, including:

• Regulating body temperature
• Releasing hormones
• Controlling appetite
• Managing sexual behavior
• Regulation of emotional responses

Ok, no more science now. Let’s jump ahead straight towards which essential oils to prefer out of hundreds available out there.

Essential Oils that Help Address Psychological Aspect of Stress

Lemon Essential Oil
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Citrusy scents specifically help address a lack of energy. This is important because how energetic you are can determine how you’re going to perform a task. Lemon essential oil, if inhaled, stimulates mental activity and creates a profound sense of wellbeing. This oil is shown to be potentially useful in helping the body in maintaining its natural ability to relax. A literal “lemony” kick start of your day would help you a lot in managing your stress levels as well as maintaining a high energy level throughout the day.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
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Ylang Ylang is a scent that can act as a calming, relaxing, stress-relieving, and sleep-promoting agent. What’s most pleasurable here is that the oil can help enhance both male and female focus and sensuality and thus can help partners enjoy more intimate times with each other.

Essential Oils to Address Physical Signs of Stress

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
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Popular in ancient medicine, Roman Chamomile essential oil is considered great for sore muscles, back pain relief, and even arthritis. The oil can potentially also help things like your digestive system and sleeping cycle when they are not working the way they should naturally, which can, in turn, ease your stress and tension.

Lemongrass Essential Oil
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Inhaling the refreshing scent of Lemongrass essential oil for mental stress relief is certainly beneficial but the oil does even more wonders when it comes in contact with your skin. Since the oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it may help stimulate blood circulation in the body and can be useful in overcoming sore muscles and thus reducing stress.

Ginger and Black Pepper Essential Oils
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Nothing really spicy in the kitchen can be finished without having a touch of ginger root and black pepper. And both of them used either individually or together can do magic when they come in their essential oil form.

What both of them have in common is that they potentially possess the ability to alleviate pain and muscle soreness by providing a warming effect throughout the body. Best known for reducing aches and pains, Black Pepper essential oil is also thought to be useful in detoxifying your body. This oil contains analgesic properties that may help with arthritis pain, sore muscles, and muscle stiffness/tiredness caused by workouts.

Our Top Tips

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For topical use, make sure you dilute essential oils with some carrier oil like olive or almond. Carrier oils play their role in:

• Making the essential oils less reactive to the skin, and;
• Help essential oils absorb smoothly and properly into the skin.

Another tip? For inhalation use, make sure you don’t have asthma or any kind of scent allergy. Pregnant individuals should always consult their doctor before using essential oils.

One last piece of advice: tough times don’t come with an alarm, instead, they just arrive anyways. And stress is no exception at all. So, you need to be always prepared for it and have a decent quantity of essential oils in your home. The better idea is to opt for a company that offers bulk essential oils at wholesale prices to save your time and money.

Final Thoughts

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Experiencing stress is quite normal but moderation is the key. Excessive levels of both mental and physical stress can be dangerous for you and your loved ones but mother nature in the form of essential oils can be really valuable for us in this regard.

Note: Please consult with a medical professional before trying any of the methods mentioned in this article.