How Limited Women's Rights Detrimentally Affect a Country's Development

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While significant progress has been made when it comes to gender equality in many countries, there are still many places where women’s rights are significantly limited.

Gender equality is not something that can be achieved within a day, a month, a year. There is a lot of work that needs to be done for women. Below is how limited women’s rights detrimentally affect a country’s development.

Loss of Talent

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Women are as talented as men in society. Recently, women have been involved in significant projects and are doing a better job. That means giving a fairground; every human being can perform better and be slightly different from each other. Limiting women’s rights means the loss of talented individuals in the country.

Talent is what drives the innovations being carried out in a country. Without the women’s effort in innovations, most of the projects carried out end up consuming a lot of money or failing due to a lack of talent to carry out the tasks. The loss of talented women means low economic development to the country that has limited women’s rights.

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Lack of Workforce

womens rights essays
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For a country to experience rapid development, there should be adequate labor to take up different available tasks. But, unfortunately, even with plenty of resources to empower women’s education, governments are still hiring employees from other countries instead of primarily empowering the general labor consisting of women to perform those tasks.

Treating women differently from men creates a certain notion that they are not fit for the various tasks available in different organizations. And to make matters worse, the owners of the companies prefer working with a limited labor force than hiring someone they view as lesser for the job described. A country that limits women’s rights is likely to experience a low workforce, and the development is slowed down.

Increased Levels of Dependency

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If a large percentage in the country is not working, there is a high probability that there is a high dependency ratio both to the government and the men in the society. Development in a country means a fair distribution of income among the citizens of the country.

Limited women’s rights means that most of them won’t be allowed to work, and the country will have a massive burden in financing the needs of this group of unemployed citizens. The money that was meant for the other development projects will then have to purchase essential services needed.

Worse Medical Care

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Medical care is the core factor that determines the development of the country. Unfortunately, limited women’s rights mean that most won’t pursue their careers and eventually have a poor life. With a large group of citizens depending on medical care, medical care services are likely to be poor in most cases.

Women have been advocating for better healthcare in different countries, especially the famous Muslim feminist icons. However, suppose the rights of these women are limited. In that case, the government is likely to experience worse medical care cases due to strain on the available resources, which will eventually affect the country’s economic development.

Interferes With Peace

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Peace is the backbone of every successful economic development in different countries. With peace, the government can carry out its projects without fear of being demolished during demonstrations. Recently, the number of women demonstrating on the streets of different countries has been rapidly increasing.

Lack of peace in a country often leads to poor economic development as it shifts the government’s focus to other matters rather than development projects. It’s always vital to allow everyone on the planet to pursue their passion without getting intimidated or being treated differently.


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Limiting women’s rights has created a lousy notion amongst young ladies in society. Most of them believe that they can’t make it in life due to the country’s prevailing poor rules that allow men to treat women differently. Everyone must be treated fairly for the economic benefit of the country. Entertaining poor policies on women will result in poor development in the country.

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