How To Dress Like a 70s Fashion Idol

vintage fashion
credit: Katsiaryna Endruszkiewicz

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What do you think of when we mention the 70s? Flamboyant boho style? Or is it more graphic tees with short skirts and ripped tights? Doc Martens, maybe?

We throw around this term as if it means just one thing and just one style. In reality, the 70s were full of various styles making it easy for anyone to find their place and it was a mix of statement-making clothes.

It’s effortless to shop vintage. For example, you can shop 70s vintage clothing on Vintage-Rags. But, you have to find the right piece to truly recreate the idea you’re going for.

Let’s see what marked the fashion of this period and what you need to become a 70s groovy fashion icon!

The Movements That Changed Fashion

Many movements marked the 70s, shaking the world to its core. Naturally, this made its way to fashion and some of the most iconic people today made big fashion statements back then.

Take John Elton, for example. Who can forget the colorful feathery stage outfits he wore? Or the sparkly ones that made the crowd roar in excitement even before he started singing?

This period is filled with styles and options. Still, all bore one similarity — all styles were directed toward breaking the stereotypes and freeing the people, giving them ultimate freedom to express themselves.

Here are some of the movements we are talking about!

Hippy Style

70s fashion
credit: cottonbro

Deep down, we all love the hippie culture. Who can say no to spreading peace and love around the world? And the clothing from this period shows the carefree and easygoing aura hippies had.

It mainly encompasses loose colorful clothes with various patterns and floral designs. Nobody can miss the embroidery the blouses or jeans had. People wore beads woven into the attire, with fringes being the eye-catcher. We can forget the loose tie-dyed shirts, John Lenon glasses, and denim bell bottoms?


punk fashion
credit: cottonbro

Another product of the whole counter-movement period was Punk. These people came as a stark contrast to the hippies with their dark clothing and heavy makeup. Spiky hair, leather jackets, spikes, skinny jeans, band tees, chains, and leather anything are the most prominent pieces that mark the punk era. Additionally, the simpler and dirtier, the better! Punks were very much against branded clothing, so it wasn’t unusual to see a lot of DIY clothes like ripped jeans or drawing on shirts with black markers.

Disco Era

70s fashion
credit: cottonbro

Let’s get funky!

The 70s were the era when disco got its glory. This fashion put individuality at the front. Some clubs even asked their guests to dress differently every time and put out a new look.

Sparkling nylon, spandex, and lycra are the markers here. Everyone tried to outshine the disco ball, wearing big platform boots that eased their gliding on the dance floor.

If jumpsuits are not your thing, frilly dresses are also an option. Disco lovers also wore short shorts and only a bra on too. It’s all about freedom!

Pieces That Would Get You Into the 70s Spirit

Now that you know what moved this period, you have a better picture of the show-stopper pieces. Here are a few to add to your wardrobe and get the vintage 70s look.

Blue Jeans and Peasant Tops

70s fashion
credit: Documerica

Blue jeans were a hit back then. From work attire to everyday casual outfits, these were a must. The most famous type is the bell bottom.

But you can also go for those with straight or flared legs. Match them with a peasant top, and you’re ready to sport a simple, everyday 70s look.

Platform Boots

retro fashion
credit: Dorina Stati

As we said, these were the hit for all disco lovers. Some of the most famous people like David Bowie wore them almost all the time. Be careful, though — these might take you a little practice to get used to them.

Maxi Dresses

hippie boho fashion
credit: Jasmin Chew

Simplicity and style in one. Maxi dresses brought back the Edwardian style of dresses with their flared hems and puffy sleeves. They usually followed a flowery pattern or stuck to one pastel color.

Today, white laced maxi dresses are back — especially on the hot summer days!


vintage fashion
credit: Camila Esteves

Mostly, people stuck to jumpsuits on their disco nights. But the classiness they had made them a fashion statement, and people started going out more and more with this piece on. Many are trying to recreate the aura of grandeur a simple white jumpsuit can bring!

Finge Vests

vintage fashion
credit: Nina Hill

This is a hippie’s trademark. Fringe vests show more ease and liberation, so they were used in almost everything in the hippy culture. Couple it with a funky shirt, jeans, stylish peace sign belt, a headband, and voilà – ready to chill!

Get in the 70s Spirit

Many outfits from this period can take you back in time. You can combine them with some new pieces or stick to a complete authentic 70s look. Choose the movement from this decade and get groovy!