How to Fight Workplace Sexism in the Age of #MeToo

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to read Feminist Fight Club. All about dealing with workplace sexism, the book couldn’t be more relevant in today’s #MeToo conversations. And it might just help you fight workplace sexism in your every day life.

Written by New York Times gender editor Jessica Bennett, the manual completely reworks the topic and brings us new words like “bropropiators,” which is when men take a woman’s idea and then take credit for it.

So how exactly do you fight workplace sexism? First, it’s time to get credit for your work. Bennett writes,

“It’s pretty hard for someone to take credit for your idea if you deliver it with such authority that nobody can forget it. So speak up—no ums, sorrys, or baby voice allowed. Use active, authoritative words that show you’re taking ownership of what you’re saying. Not ‘ wonder what would happen if we tried…’ but ‘I’d suggest we try…'”

She also says that women need to stop volunteering for secretarial tasks.

“Research shows unequivocally that the majority of secretarial tasks fall to women, but women are also more likely to say yes to doing them—and to volunteer of their own accord. We know, saying no can be difficult. But here’s one thing that’s not: not offering in the first place.”

Obviously, these are only small things we can do, and the issue is much more complex than that. And part of the reason it’s a difficult topic to navigate is that modern day men often don’t realize they’re doing anything wrong.

“Unless somebody calls you out, you’re unlikely to recognize it.”

Luckily with all the sexual harassment finally coming to light, now is the perfect time to talk about it.”

“We’re in a moment right now where women’s rights are a subject of intense discussion and scrutiny. To that extent, it feels very of the moment and in your face. But at the same time, this is the kind of thing that plays out in our daily lives in so many ways.”

In addition to the book, Jessica has helped launch a movement which includes speaking events across the country, on-campus organizations, merchandise, and more.

Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survivor Manual.


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