'HTGAWM' Karla Souza's is Finally Getting Her Big Break — And it's About Time!

It’s past time that Karla Souza shines in a lead role!!

Karla, who’s already proven her insane talent as How to Get Away With Murder‘s Laurel Castillo, is getting her very own project, Drive.

Karla was inspired by real-life events to create the film, which will center around a story of sexual abuse in the world of competitive high-diving.

But not only is she the brains behind the operation, she’s also the star!

According to Variety,

“Karla will play Mariel, diver training for the Olympic Games, whose life changes radically when it is revealed that her diving partner Nadia has been abused for years by their trainer, Braulio.”

To complicate things even further, Karla’s character is in love with Braulio, and it takes other divers’ accounts of abuse to convince Karla’s character of the misconduct.

Karla added,

“We’ve been working on this for years and are so eager to share a story that happens far too often. Now more than ever, sexual abuse is an issue that needs to be brought to the forefront and talked about.”

For decades, victim blaming was the norm but with the recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Ed Westwick, Louis CK, and more, folks are finally coming around. Society is finally seeing the truth: that rape happens more can admit and women should be believed.


Anne Catherine Demere
Anne Catherine Demere is an intern with Femestella. She is almost too passionate about pop culture and the entertainment industry and she loves to write about it. One of her favorite things is when feminism and pop culture overlap. She's either starting a new TV show or in class, there's no in between. And those two rarely coincide.