How to Recreate Sydney Sweeney's Voluminous Baroque Bob

sydney sweeney bob haircut hairstyle
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Sydney Sweeney first premiered her new haircut, aka the “baroque bob”, at the Vanity Fair Oscar After Party in March and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

Never heard of the baroque bob? It’s officially become the “it” hairstyle of the summer (even Zendaya recently rocked it!). The length usually sits just above the shoulders but the look is less about the length and more about the styling. The baroque bob is all about glamorous, voluminous, bouncy hair. It looks simultaneously sophisticated and yet effortless.

sydney sweeney hair red carpet
credit: @melissa.hernandez/Instagram

But creating the look isn’t quite as easy as it looks. Fortunately, Sydney Sweeney’s hair stylist Glen Coco Oropeza gave a how-to tutorial via Instagram so you can recreate the hairstyle yourself. Check it out below.

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1. Prep Hair

sydney sweeney hair tutorial
credit: @glencocoforhair/Instagram

Apply Kerastase Premium Serum Filler to damp hair (Glen said this product “changed his life”).

2. Blow Dry

sydney sweeney hair tutorial
credit: @glencocoforhair/Instagram

Section off your hair using sectioning clips (Glen uses The Hair Shop Metallic Shark Clips) and blow dry hair using the Kristen Ess Soft Volume Blow Dry Brush. To create volume, he says you should “over-direct the Soft Volume Blow Dry Brush in an upward direction to give the roots a nice lifted and voluminous effect.”

Once the hair is completely dry, apply the Kerastase VIP Volume In Powder Spray “to create a ton of volume and lift.”

3. Curl the Ends

sydney sweeney baroque bob haircut hairstyle
credit: @glencocoforhair/Instagram

Next, lightly use the Kristen Ess 1 1/4 Inch Curling Iron on the ends “for a touch of bounce” and “some added dimension.”

4. Finger Brush

sydney sweeney hair 2024
credit: @glencocoforhair/Instagram

Immediately finger-brush out the hair until you have it exactly the way you want it.

5. Add a Touch of Shine

sydney sweeney bob hair tutorial
credit: @glencocoforhair/Instagram

Apply Kerastase Premiere Repairing High Shine Oil to the ends of hair.

6. Spray And Set

sydney sweeney red carpet hair 2024 baroque bob hairstyle
credit: @glencocoforhair/Instagram

Finish off the look by using the Kerastase Laque Extreme Hair Spray to “lock in the style.”


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