How to Start Preparing Your Wardrobe For Summer

summer style

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Spring is on its way which also means it won’t be long until a nice long hot summer.

After the last two years, our summers have been somewhat restricted and a bit more boring than we anticipated. Hopefully this year, we’ll finally be able to have a fun-filled summer with parties, BBQs, and socializing.

It also means that we can update our wardrobes and have new and fabulous pieces we can wear and show off, whether that’s taking a new spin on our own style or looking to find inspiration from our favorite celebrities. Here are a few key things to add to your closet this summer.

1. Look For Some New Swimwear

credit: Michael B. Loung

It is such a relief that we can start looking forward to going on vacation again and traveling the world. Just imagine: sitting on a beach, soaking in the sun, and enjoying a cocktail. So, new swimwear is a must.

You might need to change your size or want a new style. There are so many options so looking for something to suit you can be overwhelming. If you feel more comfortable covered up, make sure you look specifically for cute modest swimwear that will suit you better.

2. Make Sure You Have at Least One Light Jacket

credit: Carrie Kin

In the summer, you certainly don’t want a coat if you go out for the day when it is hot and sunny. But as evening comes, it sometimes comes with a chill temp change. A summer dress or t-shirt won’t cut it, so you might want to invest in a summer jacket. Something thin, lightweight, and stylish. A few options could be a denim jacket, a bomber jacket or even a blazer. If you plan your outfit for the day, you should look for something that can go from day to night. Or, you can try a neutral color jacket that goes with everything.

3. Invest in Some Jewelry That Will Go With Everything

credit: Gabrielle Henderson

In addition to your clothes you also want to think about accessories. When it comes to jewelry, quality is definitely more important than quantity. Cheap jewelry can break easily, go tarnished and sometimes even turn your skin green. It’s much better to save up and have a few key pieces that are good quality and can go with your everyday look.

You can still have something a bit more luxurious and bold looking. You just need to find the right piece to suit you and your style. It could be some small gold hoops, a simple pendant, or, if you want something with a bit more bling, you could look at 1-carat diamond rings from Whiteflash.

You can also look to add some staples like an updated handbag if you haven’t brought one throughout the pandemic, a new purse, or, when it comes to clothes, you can look for minimalism capsule pieces that can pair with many outfits so you aren’t buying a lot of clothes and contributing to fast fashion.


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