How to Style Yourself as a Budding Musician

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Do you have a goal of making it big as a musician? Do you have confidence in your skills and natural raw talent and believe that, with hard work, your dreams will come true?

While you certainly need to have the right sound to make it big, there is also the other part of being a musician and that’s how you style yourself. Your personality and image matter and are part of your brand. They can help sell your music and generate interest.

With that said, it’s important that you give thought to how you plan to style yourself, making smart and authentic choices along the way. Here we’ll take a look at a few top tips you can use when styling yourself as a budding musician.

What Is Your Musical Style?

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A great place to start is with a little soul searching. What is your musical style? Do you fit into one particular genre or maybe a couple? Now take a look at popular and noteworthy artists in that same genre; are there any common traits in terms of their style? You don’t want to copy any other artist, but there may be some trends that you can use for inspiration.

Who Is Your Fan Base?

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Just as important as the musical style is your audience and fan base. Who are they? What is the general age group? What do they tend to go for in terms of styles and fashion? Again, it’s not about morphing to a preconceived notion; it is about finding a way to relate to the people who are listening to you.

Choose a Unique Feature or Aspect

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One issue musicians can have is trying to find a way to stand out. The music industry can feel quite crowded at times and the last thing you want is to be overlooked or mistaken for another artist simply because there’s nothing unique about you.

Stylists often recommend you pick a unique feature or aspect that you can play up in your image. This will help to create recognition and people will learn to watch for that particular feature. Some examples can be your hairstyle, your color palette for your clothing, the fact that you always wear heels or sneakers, the way you apply your makeup, or even a signature clothing item like a leather jacket. There is no wrong or right here; it’s about finding something that helps you to stand out. It should still seem professional, but that too is open to interpretation.

Dress for the Studio Recording Session

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There is plenty of emphasis on how you need to dress for live shows, performances, and meet and greets with fans, but what if you’re just in search of a recording studio near you and won’t be running into anyone? The thing to remember is that the way you dress as an artist is part of your persona. It can help you to get into the ideal mindset and creative space to ensure you are your absolute best, even at the recording studio. And let’s face it, you never know who you may run into at a recording studio, making it important to always dress the part.

To start with, you’ll need to pick a recording studio near you — which Pirate makes easy. Pirate offers professional studio recording space that you can rent whenever the mood strikes you. They have locations across the US, with each space catering to the creative needs of artists like you.

Now that you know you’ve got space booked in a convenient location, you will also get a feel for that particular studio and how many people you may encounter on the way and in the space. There is nothing wrong with dressing comfortably, but you can be comfortable while also being stylish. Always keep your branding and your image in mind.

Hire a Professional Stylist

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If you’ve given all the above-mentioned tips a try but you still don’t feel like you’re hitting the mark and creating the image you had in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to then hire a professional personal stylist. They will work with you to determine what look you’re going for and find all the items that will make it possible. You can work with them as a one-time deal, or you may wish to keep them on for a while, as they can prove very useful as you make a name for yourself. For musicians that plan on touring, a stylist can put together an entire tour ensemble that takes all the guesswork out of it for you.

Make Sure Your Style Stays Consistent Across All Platforms

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Once you pick a style and you go all-in, you will need to be consistent across all platforms. What this means is that anytime you are visible, you are showcasing that same style that fans will be familiar with. This can be in person, on your website, via your social networks, and so forth. Some musicians see this as their on-stage character, and if you prefer to look at it that way, you can. Staying in character anytime you are visible should be the goal.

Does It Really Matter?

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The final question is whether or not how you dress and style yourself really matters in the end. It would be great if your music could speak for itself and one day it probably will. But as a budding musician, it’s important to know that everything you do will be helping to lay the groundwork. Right now, you’re showing people who you are, what you stand for, and your musical style. So, in short, yes, your style will matter and will have an impact.

While you may be spending most of your time focusing on the music itself, it’s important to take a step back, look at the bigger picture and realize that brand image plays a huge role in becoming a successful musician. It’s how people will identify you; it will set you apart and it will speak to your audience.