Hulu 'Reboot': Every Cardigan Hannah Wears on the Show

hulu reboot cast outfits hannah rachel bloom
credit: Hulu

There are so many characters to love on Hulu’s series Reboot, but Hannah has to be at the top of the list.

Played by the hilarious and talented Rachel Bloom, Hannah is the writer behind the reboot of the fictional early aughts sitcom Step Right Up and plans to give the show a dose of reality. Of course, the show’s original creator, who also happens to be Hannah’s long-lost father, isn’t *exactly* thrilled about the development but the two are slowly finding their way.

While Hannah is sweet and kind and talented, being abandoned by her father hasn’t left her without her own, ahem, quirks. But perhaps our favorite one of all is her love of old-lady cardigans.

Every episode, Hannah rocks a new oversized cardigan and we are *so* here for it. So, in honor of Hannah, we’ll be keeping track of every cardigan she wears on Reboot — and exactly where you can get it for yourself.

sources: Spotern, ShopYourTV

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Episode 7, ‘Baskets’

hulu reboot hannah cast rachel bloom outfits cardigans
credit: Hulu

Hannah wearing a Nili Lotan Tan Argyle Long Cardigan.

Episode 6, ‘Bewitched’

reboot outfits hulu cast rachel bloom hannah outfits
credit: Hulu

Hannah wearing a Velvet Brand Pink Multicolor Striped Cardigan with an Aritzia Denim Forum Vintage Sunset Tee.

Episode 5, ‘What We Do In the Shadows’

hulu reboot outfits cast rachel bloom
credit: Hulu

Hannah wearing a RE/DONE ’90s Tan Fair Isle Oversized Cardigan.

Episode 4, ‘Girlfriends’

reboot hulu cast outfits hannah
credit: Hulu

Hannah wearing a RE/DONE White Cableknit Chunky Cardigan.

Episode 3, ‘Growing Pains’

rachel bloom outfits reboot hulu
credit: Hulu

Hannah wearing The Great Blue and Cream Mini Check Open Shawl Cardigan.

Episode 2, ‘New Girl’

hannah outfits reboot hulu
credit: Hulu

Hannah wearing a RE/DONE Brown Plaid Crop Cardigan with a RE/DONE Have a Good Day Print White T-Shirt.

Bonus: Hannah’s Sweater Vest

hulu reboot outfits hannah cardigans
credit: Hulu

Hannah wearing a Max Mara Tan Multicolor Fair Isle Sweater Vest.


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