Ilana Glazer Talks Sexism on the Set of ‘Broad City’

ilana glazer broad city
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I’m officially distraught. In a world so tainted with sexual harassment, no place is safe: not even the set of Broad City.

Last year while speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Ilana Glazer explained.

“Because Abbi and I are women and we’re young, there’s some subtle sexism. Especially [from] crew guys. Recently, this guy was calling us ‘ladybugs’ and ‘love bugs.’ We’re like, ‘We have a show — you are helping run the promo for the show that we created!'”

How unbelievably condescending of that guy. And yes, sexist indeed!

Ilana has fired men for their harassment on set. During the #MeToo campaign on social media, she wrote,

“I’ve fired a couple of dudes — one background actor and one sound guy. I was asked, ‘Are you sure?'” Hm, okay yeah let me think a sec — YEAH I’M FUCKING SURE. Cuz getting sexually harassed seems to be a constant, but having the opportunity to do something about it is rare.”

Ilana, like all of us, has been harassed for years and recalled incidents as a high school student, a waitress, and as a patient in a doctor’s office. And since Broad City gained popularity, it’s only seemed to worsen.

“People go to touch me a lot. They think I want to have sex with them, I guess because my character is horny. I’m like, “Whaaaat?”

I’m so grateful to Ilana and all the women who are standing up and speaking out, especially women in power who can affect change. I look forward to having more women in charge as more and more men get fired for their lewd behavior.

Lena Finkel
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