Immigrant Children to Be Detained Indefinitely

immigrant children detained

According to recent court filings, there are still 417 immigrant children in detention centers. Four hundred and seventeen.

You probably haven’t heard much recently about the children separated from their parents because the world has already moved on to the next horrible thing Trump has done (including claiming the 3,000 people who died in Hurricane Maria is a conspiracy).

Although the law currently states that Tump had to release all detained children by July 26, that date has long come and gone. And Trump has zero plans for releasing the children any time soon.

And even worse, Trump is now proposing a new law that would allow them to keep the children locked up for months or even years.

According to VICE, the new law would “allow [Trump] to hold kids with their parents in lockdown facilities throughout the duration of their immigration proceedings,” which can take months and months, possibly years.

Luckily, legal experts are on the case. According to the executive director of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, the proposed rule by Trump won’t actually make it into law because it fails to meet certain standards, including the requirement that minors be released asap to a legal guardian.

In the meantime, hundreds of children remain in limbo, separated from their parents and trapped in juvenile center-like detention facilities.

Looking to help? Think about donating to the ACLU, who is currently suing the Trump administration on behalf of separated families.

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