‘Insecure’ Issa Rae Isn’t Even Close to Checking Off Her List of Career Goals

issa rae insecure
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If you thought Issa Rae was going to settle for just one show on HBO, you thought wrong.

Deadline has officially announced that Issa has two new shows coming to the network. The first show is about a bisexual black man trying to navigate his dating life. Um, YAS! Although we have seen a sudden boom in bisexual representation on TV, there has been a lack of black bi men and women.

The second show will focus on a struggling black family in L.A. int he ’90s. Not exactly the black Gossip Girl she pitched earlier, but hey, we are so in!

Ever since getting noticed for her book and web series The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl, Issa’s career has completely taken off — and it’s clear why! This girl is mega talented and it’s about time the world knew it.

Back in October, Issa spoke to AdWeek about her career goals and said,

“I want to be able to create movies. I want a television channel. I want a studio. I want various media arms. I want to have political influence. I want to do so many different things. I want to figure out how and the best way to use my voice.”

I see you taking that Oprah inspiration and running with it, Issas, and I am here for every bit.

Issa is such an advocate for representation (which, at times, can be slightly burdening) and we hope she actually does expand to multiple media projects because her voice has power. And she’s aware of that.

She said,

“My career started because I had something to say about what I wasn’t seeing. Me vocalizing what I wanted to see, it basically changed my life and I’d say even the course of representation indirectly. And I want to see what else I can do just by speaking up and speaking out.”

Anne Catherine Demere
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