Iskra Lawrence Reveals She's Received Racist Death Threats in Birth Announcement

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Aerie model and body positivity activist Iskra Lawrence have officially announced the birth of her baby with boyfriend Philip Payne.

Although Iskra was obviously excited to share the news, she was hesitant to provide too many details due to the horrible death threats she received since announcing she was pregnant. She wrote on Instagram,

“It’s going to be a huge decision to figure out how much to share online with millions of people and as you know most of you have shown nothing but kindness but we also have received death threats and hate so I’m feeling super protective.”

The couple, who first met at a Grammys party in January 2018, announced their relationship in January 2019 after the paparazzi took photos of the pair together.

Since becoming Instagram official, Iskra and Philip have sadly received a ton of ignorant and racist comments over their interracial relationship. A week after going public, Iskra wrote on Instagram,

“I’ve had such mixed feelings this week, so much love and support when for the first time in my life I shared my relationship online. But the fears I had came true when @philipapayne and I started receiving targeting hate and racism.”

She also included a poem in the post in which she wrote,

“You’re entitled to your opinion but there’s a nice way to share / If you don’t agree with someone’s life choices that’s your cross to bear.”

That didn’t stop them from sharing the milestones of their relationship online, including their pregnancy announcement in November 2019.

In honor of the news, she also pledged to give away $10k to one lucky woman to help handle the expenses of their pregnancy. She told her fans,

“I’m well aware of the struggles many women face with infertility and how lucky I am. That is why I’ll be giving away $10,000 to help and support one of you in your pregnancy journey.”

While Iskra and Philip enjoy time with their new baby, Iskra plans to upload pre-made content to hold us over until she returns to social media.

We wish the new family all the happiness in the world!


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