The 10 Most Underrated Episodes of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

Despite getting snubbed (yet again) by award shows, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia remains one of the funniest and most underappreciated shows on TV.

Even after 13+ seasons, IASIP is still comedy gold. So if you’re in the mood to watch Charlie, Mac, and the gang (on Hulu only because clearly, Netflix doesn’t recognize a good thing when it’s in front of them), here’s the ultimate list.

1. “Hundred Dollar Baby” (Season 2, Episode 5)
its always sunny hundred dollar baby

While preparing to step into the wrestling ring, Dee and Charlie end up hopped up on steroids.  Kaitlin Olsen proves yet again she’s the master of rage comedy and Charlie busts out some serious moves.

2. “Storm of the Century” (Season 7, Episode 6)
always sunny best episodes
It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia / Facebook

Mac is fat. Cricket has been shot. Dee has gone psycho due to the imminent hurricane, and Charlie is running around like a madman with an ax. The final season when Cricket ‘s car crashes into the store and they all go mad makes me crack up every single time.

3. “Mac is a Serial Killer” (Season 3, Episode 10)
its always sunny mac is a serial killer

The gang suspects that Mac is the local serial killer and decide to stalk him to find out the truth. The best part of the episode happens at the end when Dee and Dennis decide to get in the mind of a serial killer, dress up as a killer clown a killer painter, and stalk the waitress. Perfection.

4. “Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs” (Season 11, Episode 5)
best episodes its always sunny in philadelphia
Patrick McElhenney / FX

In order to win a bet against Frank, Mac and Dennis move to the suburbs for a month only to find it completely torturous. The whole thing comes to a head when Mac feeds Dennis their dead dog (also named Dennis) and Dennis, Dee, and Mac end up sleeping in a bed with an old (black) man. Don’t ask.

Bonus: “Mac and Dennis Break Up” (Season 5, Episode 9) is a close second if you’re looking for more Mac/Dennis action.

5. “Gun Fever Too: Still Too Hot” (Season 9, Episode 2)
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Frank gets the gang all riled up about guns and they decide to take actions. Charlie and Mac think there are not nearly enough guns on the street and take it upon themselves to arm school children. Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee think it’s way too easy to get a gun and set out to prove it. Thing is they can’t seem to buy a gun for their life.

6. “Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City” (Season 3, Episode 14)
best its always sunny in Philadelphia episodes

The gang decides to take it upon themselves to take care of Philadelphia’s homeless problem. Mac and Dee become Guardian Angels, Dennis and Frank become fake police officers, and Charlie becomes Al Pacino. Enough said.

7. “Mac and Charlie: White Trash” (Season 6, Episode 5)
best its always sunny episodes

After getting rejected from a private pool, the gang tries to find ways to beat the heat. Dennis, Dee, and Frank brave the public pool while Mac and Charlie break into an old, abandoned pool where their childhood friend drowned only to get trapped. Oh yeah, and Charlie is wearing short shorts.

8. “The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore” (Season 7, Episode 2).
its always sunny in philadelphia
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia / Facebook

Mac and Frank end up stuck in the middle of the ocean with a rum ham, Dennis and Dee hang out with druggies, and Charlie finds love at the shore.

Bonus: If you like when the gang goes out of town, check out “The Gang Hits the Road” (Season 5, Episode 2). The gang attempts to go on a road trip but all goes wrong. Charlie and Dennis almost kill themselves and Dee gets covered in Mac’s pee.

9. “The Gang Buys a Boat” (Season 6, Episode 3)
best iasip episodes

With all the success of the bar, the boys decide to spend their money on a crappy boat. While Dee, Charlie, and Frank are stuck cleaning up, Dennis and Mac attempt to lure unexpecting women to the boat. Too bad Charlie lights the boat on fire before they get back.

10. “Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare” (Season 2, Episode 3)
funniest its always sunny episodes

Dennis and Dee decide to quit their jobs and pursue their lifelong dreams only to end up addicted to crack. Meanwhile, Charlie and Mac spend all of Frank’s money on limos and prostitutes.


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