Angela Merkle Invites Ivanka Trump to Economic Summit

ivanka trump angela merkle
source: Instagram

Looks like somebody made an impression! After hanging with Ivanka Trump during her visit to the U.S., German Chancellor Angela Merkle has decided to invite the first lady to the W20 Economic Summit. Trump will represent the U.S. at the event.

Although Merkle’s visit with Papa Trump didn’t go particularly well as noted by the viral video of Trump refusing to shake her hand, her time with Ivanka was surprisingly successful. During Merkle’s trip to the U.S., Ivanka was asked to arrange a meeting between American and German business leaders. Presumably to discuss “women who work?”

Now, Merkle has reached out yet again to ask the first lady to come to the summit, which will be held in Berlin in April.

Ivanka Trump is getting more and more involved in U.S. politics as she currently has her own office in the west wing and is gaining security clearance, despite president Trump’s campaign promises not to give preferential treatment of such kind to his children if elected.

Ivanka also took meetings with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The two even took in a Broadway show together during his last visit to the U.S., further fueling rumors that she will act more like the First Lady than step-mother Melania.

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